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Five Things September 8, 2011

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My new babies

It’s officially fall weather here so that means that my amazing heels that I’ve worn since I got them in May need to be retired. I’m not 100% sure if I’m keeping these yet but so far they’re very comfortable and much like the heels I’ve been wearing, they are from Payless, so affordable as well!

Bear-y Attentive

This poor guy has been decapitated since Christmas. Yeah, sad I know. Mom got me some super brush-on krazy glue the other day so he’s finally all put together again.

No slouchin' around in these

Wore these beauties on Labor Day. Worked 10 hours and didn’t have a chance to sit on my break. Every body thought that my feet would be killing me. Psssh, you’d think they know by now that I only buy comfortable heels! I’m so glad that it’s finally boot weather again! I’ve missed these!

Found this on the Show Off Your Harry Potter Tattoos group on facebook. I *love* wizard rock!



I have found my new absolute favorite bra of all time! It is so comfortable and looks fantastic!


2 Responses to “Five Things”

  1. Alexa Says:

    Note to self: don’t start playing awesome wizard rock music videos when coworkers are within earshot! They already think I’m strange..
    The fact that it’s finally fall is making me want to go clothes shopping. I haven’t refreshed my wardrobe in .. wow about two years?! I love fall weather!!

    • Ki Says:

      I know! I want to go clothes shopping too!!! One of my big issues is that I still don’t know what kind of clothes I need. I need to hurry up and get a 2nd job so I know what I need to buy!

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