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Searching and searching…. September 8, 2011

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Looking for a new job sucks. I really don’t think that there is any other way to put it. Since I put in my two-weeks at my last full-time job I’ve put in 30 applications. I’ve heard from 6 of them. 3 wanted interviews the other 3 were rejection e-mails. I’m glad for the rejection e-mails though, they let me know that I don’t have to wonder about them anymore.

Out of the 3 that wanted interviews I rejected one of them because “we can not guarantee you any amount of hours during any week”. Umm…. if I didn’t need hours I wouldn’t need money which means I don’t need a job. However I do live in the real world which means I need a job that gives me hours. No thanks. I haven’t been to the interview for the most recent position yet *fingers crossed* and I’m really excited for it- I could be working with two girls that I love!

My absolute favorite e-mail that I’ve gotten so far came a day after my “interview” with the company (it lasted maybe five minutes but ended on a very good note) “We appreciate your interest in a career with X’s and thank you for taking the time to submit your applicant profile. However, we do not have a position that is equivalent to your job expertise at this time.  We have found your credentials and employment experience to be strong and would like to consider you for future opportunities with X’s when they become available.” It was such a good note that it’s actually where my interview is at next week.


So, in short, if you don’t think I’m up to “standard” you can kiss it 😉 

p.s. I’m not actually upset about that, I just feel that it fits nicely at the moment 🙂


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