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Reason #572 that I love Sparrow… September 8, 2011

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Sparrow: So, totally random question, would you give me your social?

Me: Stop trying to steal my identity! (of course I give it to her)

S: Steal your identity.. ha! I’m giving you money if I die!

Me: Lol Don’t die! I’d spend the money to bring you back to life to kick your zombie butt for dying! lol

S:And I totally appreciate that you would kick my zombie butt for dying.  That’s why we’re friends.  I’d do the same for you


Love Sparrow 🙂 Also, love The Bloggess for making me realize how truly amusing these kinds of conversations can be!


Five Things

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My new babies

It’s officially fall weather here so that means that my amazing heels that I’ve worn since I got them in May need to be retired. I’m not 100% sure if I’m keeping these yet but so far they’re very comfortable and much like the heels I’ve been wearing, they are from Payless, so affordable as well!

Bear-y Attentive

This poor guy has been decapitated since Christmas. Yeah, sad I know. Mom got me some super brush-on krazy glue the other day so he’s finally all put together again.

No slouchin' around in these

Wore these beauties on Labor Day. Worked 10 hours and didn’t have a chance to sit on my break. Every body thought that my feet would be killing me. Psssh, you’d think they know by now that I only buy comfortable heels! I’m so glad that it’s finally boot weather again! I’ve missed these!

Found this on the Show Off Your Harry Potter Tattoos group on facebook. I *love* wizard rock!



I have found my new absolute favorite bra of all time! It is so comfortable and looks fantastic!


Searching and searching….

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Looking for a new job sucks. I really don’t think that there is any other way to put it. Since I put in my two-weeks at my last full-time job I’ve put in 30 applications. I’ve heard from 6 of them. 3 wanted interviews the other 3 were rejection e-mails. I’m glad for the rejection e-mails though, they let me know that I don’t have to wonder about them anymore.

Out of the 3 that wanted interviews I rejected one of them because “we can not guarantee you any amount of hours during any week”. Umm…. if I didn’t need hours I wouldn’t need money which means I don’t need a job. However I do live in the real world which means I need a job that gives me hours. No thanks. I haven’t been to the interview for the most recent position yet *fingers crossed* and I’m really excited for it- I could be working with two girls that I love!

My absolute favorite e-mail that I’ve gotten so far came a day after my “interview” with the company (it lasted maybe five minutes but ended on a very good note) “We appreciate your interest in a career with X’s and thank you for taking the time to submit your applicant profile. However, we do not have a position that is equivalent to your job expertise at this time.  We have found your credentials and employment experience to be strong and would like to consider you for future opportunities with X’s when they become available.” It was such a good note that it’s actually where my interview is at next week.


So, in short, if you don’t think I’m up to “standard” you can kiss it 😉 

p.s. I’m not actually upset about that, I just feel that it fits nicely at the moment 🙂


Queen for a Day

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So, yesterday I got a phone-call from Emily over at The Body Shop letting me know that I won one of their “Queen for a Day” drawings. I was allowed to bring a guest who would receive the same treatment so I brought my mom with me since we were already getting manicures today.

First stop was the super-fancy new Wendy‘s for lunch. It’s so sleek looking from the outside! (I would have gotten a picture of the front but it was drizzling and my glasses were getting all spotted up) I was going to get pictures of the inside too but there were so many people from corporate just chilling in groups all around. Some at tables, some over by the fancy soda machine, some just randomly standing by empty tables and some walking around talking to customers.  I think that my favorite part was the fire place, reminds me a bit of Panera Bread.

Off to the spa 🙂 Alex, this is the spa that you had mentioned in your letter a while back. I’ve only been to 3 different spa’s around town since I’ve been here and as one left C-bus and the one that replaced it was *horrible* Tranquility is by far my favorite. I’ve never had a bad experience here. Service is always great and the prices aren’t horrible. Still, I only go once every few years if I’m lucky!Waiting for our appointment….

Our beautiful nails….

Queen(s) for a Day!

We both had so much fun at The Body Shop! Mia was absolutely wonderful. She was so friendly and knowledgeable about their products!  She used their pomegranate line on mom and since for skin care I almost strictly use Origins she used their Nutriganics line on me. I was a little concerned about the fact that the cleanser has oil in it, but at the time it actually made my skin feel pretty good. Mia used their mineral make-up on both of us, again at the time felt wonderful but after having it on all day I prefer the make-up I currently use (Mom however isn’t even noticing the feel of the make-up, which is of course what you want).



Cinnamon Swirl Bread September 6, 2011

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I love my best friend so much! It always amazes me how we can pretty much live in two different worlds, yet we have so much in common! Alex is always talking about the pioneer woman and telling me to check her out. I’ve bookmarked a few of her recipes to try out and with the (now) two that I’ve tried I’m in love! Apparently I’ve always made cinnamon toast the horribly “what’s wrong with you” way. I will never ever in my life make it like that again! I have seen the light! Today I made 4 mini loaves of her Cinnamon Swirl Bread. For my first real try making bread, not bad. It turned out a little denser than I really would have liked, but it still tastes good. Also, I added a pinch of nutmeg. Yum 🙂

I'm sure that the reason it's denser than it should be is because it might not have been warm enough for the yeast the second time around.

My wonderful, working oven!! Love it!

My wonderful mini loavesMy wonderful mini loaves 🙂 I know some of them split open, but they’re still good!


Hopefully tomorrow night I’ll have a post about my “Queen for a Day” experience at The Body Shop.


Five Things September 1, 2011

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One of the blogs that I regularly read does a post every Friday about the five things that are currently making her happy. I’ve always liked this idea since she doesn’t always post big things, it’s the little things that make you happy! So I know that it’s not Friday, but Thursday is just as good 🙂

Northwest Library

I love that I’m walking distance to the library now! It’s great thinking “Hey, I need to return that book” and being there 10minutes later and getting some exercise too!

Home sweet home

I love my new apartment complex! I haven’t really met anybody there yet, but when I’m walking around people say “hi” in passing and they smile! Such a change from Fox and Hounds!!

Antler for my baby

Denbigh tears through toys so fast! When I was at the mall the other day I walked past Moochie & Co. got about 2 stores past it and turned around and went back. They had a sign on their door about these really sturdy, tough, not gonna fall apart on you antlers and I had to go check it out. Denbigh LOVES it! He’s had it since Monday night and it’s still lasting for him (at least that’s what mom said last night) They’re pretty cool. On the sign it said that they’re ‘”Made” in the USA’ which I thought was pretty cute.

Lookin' for a job

My list of places I’ve applied. It grows (most) every day!

My calanders

I love my calendars. The monthly one shows my work schedule, and anything that I have planned. It’s mostly free of MM!!!! So glad I’m gone. It’s seriously like a weight was lifted off my chest when I left! The weekly one is new. I’m using it to keep track of what I’m eating and when so that I can try and eat healthier! 🙂

So yeah, little things make me happy ^_^


The plan was… August 21, 2011

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To give my two-weeks notice letter to Dumb-ass. I of course left it in my purse when I went to talk to her. So, deciding that I am in fact  strong enough to do this say “I feel like putting in my two weeks” (great start Ash!) As I’m terrified of confrontation and don’t quite have the standing up for yourself thing perfected that is about where my strength fell apart and I was lost. I told her that I wasn’t comfortable working in an environment that could cause situations such as what had happened the day before. At this point Dumb-ass looks at me with a concerned look, puts her hand on mine, leans in and says “What situation sweetheart, tell me so I can fix it.”

What. The. Frack???

“When YOU took your sister out of the room leaving me with 10 children and one of the children got bit bad and it was 100% preventable had you not taken my other teacher” “Oh, yes, that. Well, that wasn’t your fault now sweetheart, I don’t want you blaming yourself for that. That was my fault.”

No. Shit.

So this conversation goes on for a minute or two longer and I’m getting really stressed and I can feel my anti-anxiety meds wearing off and when I’m super stressed I beyond super emotional. Naturally I’m getting flustered which is making me more flustered and this triggers tears to gather, not fall, just gather. Dumb-ass is refusing to accept my two weeks over something as ‘trivial’ as what had happened. There has to be some underlying reason. Finally I just say that some of the girls lean toward ranting rather than just venting. She latches onto this so hard she’s still sucking it’s teat. She tries to get me to tell her who and I told her “I’m not saying who said what about who because I’m not getting in the middle of it. You asked I told. That’s all there is to it.” She’s pushing this topic so hard that I start full on crying. As she’s attacking this new information form every angle (It’ll be the same any center you go to- I know, it’s the same at VS, you get a large group of mostly women there is gossip) She says-a few times- that it “hurts her” (with her hands over her heart as she says that) when people don’t tell the specifics so that she can’t step in and weed out the bad ones “You’ve been here for one of those weeding outs so far” We spend maybe another 30-40seconds on the subject of Fat-ass then dive directly into “You know, let me just be honest with you about the one” We take about 2-3 minutes on the subject of EC-bitch.

She’s getting the hint that I’m not really into talking about people so she abandons that angle and asks me if there are any personality clashes. She thinks that she hit the jackpot, all she really did was strike a nerve. Fro-girl constantly holds children. To the point that they scream and cry if they’re not being held by her the second that she walks into the room even if they’ve been playing great all day. If you know me, you know why I have issues with this.  I also mention that I clash with yoga-trash. I say that I don’t mind working with her and our personalities clashing has never been a problem as we’re always professional with each other. Dumb-ass then tells me that Yoga-trash has ADHD “but when she really settles she’s a great worker” and that “her days are numbered”. OK, all the times I’ve worked with Yoga-trash, she’s never been all over the place with her attention. I’m not saying she has ADHD or not because I don’t know, but I do know that I’ve never seen it affect her work.

The best part about Dumb-ass being so upset over my leaving because of all the horrible gossipers? She’s going around blaming them for gossiping so much and telling them “you’re the reason she’s leaving”


I did always bring the focus back to the real reason I’m leaving, but she kept dismissing it and not wanting to talk about it and keeps telling me not to feel guilty about it and that there was nothing I could do and blah blah blah. So she thinks I’m leaving for one bs reason and I’m making sure that everybody else knows the real reason.